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We love eggs in our family. They’re a protein-packed, healthy and hearty breakfast for growing brains and bodies (and tired mommies 🙂 ). Making baked eggs in the oven has been my jam lately. It’s a fairly hands-off quick and easy large family breakfast.

All ten of us were on a ski trip vacation the other week when I shared my baked eggs in the oven picture on Instagram. I got lots of questions that I’ll answer for you here, too!

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This morning as we cleaned our way out of the vacation rental house, I made a batch of 26 sheet pan fried eggs! It worked great ??. I didn’t have non-stick spray so I melted some butter on the pans for a minute or so before cracking the eggs. I baked the eggs at 425 for about 9 minutes. Have you done sheet pan eggs before? ?????? #JamerrillFamilyTravels #LargeFamilyTable #MegaMotherhood #HomeschoolFamily #HomeschoolMom

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How Long to Bake Eggs in the Oven

I usually bake the eggs in the oven for up to 9 minutes. I usually check them at 7 minutes to determine if I want another minutes or two.

How to Clean a Baked Eggs in the Oven Pan

And the next great question after we cook the eggs in the oven, how to clean a baked eggs in the oven pan. I soaked the egg pans with a little dish soap in hot water while I did the rest of the dishes. When it was time to wash the pans everything came right off. Honestly, the pans were just a little crusting around the edges. The middles were great and the eggs came right off.

We like runny yolks/hard yolks

Several mommas asked me how to get the yolks to their family’s preferences based on the cooking time. Some families like eggs over easy, others like over hard. At the 7 minute mark most of my eggs are over easy. If that’s where you like your eggs I’d say check at that point. Otherwise add another minute or two. The longer the add the firmer the yolks will be.


As you can see in today’s Vacation Cooking Large Family Baked Eggs in the Oven video, I preheated the oven to 425. While the oven heated I placed several pats of butter around the pan (on vacation and didn’t have cooking spray). I then placed the two baking pans in the oven with the pats of butter to melt for about one minute.

Next, I pulled the baking pans back out of the oven and cracked about 13-14 eggs per pan. Then I placed the egg pans back in the oven for 7 minutes. At 7 minutes I checked the yolks and added 2 more minutes for nearly firm eggs for this breakfast.

baked eggs in the oven

And that is it! No egg pans or griddles to babysit. I was able to buzz around and clean out our vacation rental refrigerator while the eggs baked in the oven perfectly!

Don’t miss today’s new Large Family Baked Eggs in the Oven video! I share how to make baked eggs in the oven, plus deep cleaning the rental house and more on our large family ski vacation. xoxo

Let me know how you do eggs in the oven. I’d love to hear your tips and tricks. Actually, feel free to share any of your oven cooking tricks! We love to cook bacon in the oven and how to cook grilled cheese in the oven, too. xoxo

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