Not only do I enjoy curling up with a cup of tea at the end of a long day, but I also feel the serious benefits of different teas when I am ill. For as long as I can remember my granny has handed me a cup of lemon, honey and ginger tea as soon as the snuffles have started, and whether or not it physically helps it always soothes my throat and lifts my spirits.

When my sister was ill recently, I did the same for her as my granny did for me, and it got me wondering what other magical spells tea could cast? I always see ‘immune boosting’ or ‘cold curing’ claims on the front of boxes of tea in store but have never been sure how true these are.

After doing a little research, I found a whole range of different teas with ingredients proven to treat different things, all of which can be made in the comfort of your very own kitchen.

1. Anti-inflammatory Weight Loss Tea

Because of my skepticism surrounding whether or not herbal teas can be beneficial when it comes to your health, I love that this recipe comes along with a tale of the author’s own experience with the tea.

By drinking this Anti-inflammatory Weight Loss Tea religiously, she claims to have both lost six pounds and to have cleared up a problem that a doctor’s prescription couldn’t. It sounds like it is perfect for bloating, which many people suffer from while being enjoyable to drink at the same time with ingredients like genre and hibiscus.

2. Energy Herbal Tea

This recipe for Energy Herbal Tea looks delicious, with both sweet and herbal aspects to it.

I always tend to add honey to my herbal tea because I find that it eradicates any aftertaste that might not be as pleasant as the tea itself, with a touch of sweetness. There are few ingredients in this tea which means it is both inexpensive and easy to whip up whenever you may fancy it. I would drink this tea in the morning before starting a busy day to give myself an extra energy boost.

3. Chamomile and Turmeric Evening Tea

Chamomile is a classic calming, soothing ingredient. Whether it’s in a tea like this Chamomile and Turmeric Evening Tea, a room spray or a candle, it never fails to make me feel relaxed and ready for bed.

I definitely couldn’t drink this tea at any time of the day, at risk of falling asleep, but before bed, it would be delightful. Most herbal teas are used without milk, so I like that this one is different in that sense. The ingredients make me imagine a sweet, warming taste, especially with the addition of the cinnamon and honey.

4. Banana Tea

My dad has suffered from insomnia for a while now, which is not a position you want to be in as a man who works five full days a week and has to commute to and from there. By this point, it feels like he has tried everything, medication, therapists, meditation, pillow sprays, but I don’t think he has tried Banana Tea yet.

It was news to me that the magnesium in bananas can help with sleeping, but it’s worth a try. Whether or not this works, I love bananas, and I can imagine that a little sprinkle of cinnamon would make this a somewhat enjoyable drink.

5. Herbal Chai Tea

I am not a fan of coffee, so whenever I meet someone at a coffee shop or have a craving for something warm as I am on my way to work on a chilly morning I will always opt for a chai latte.

Multiple herbs and spices go into this Herbal Chai Tea, and that, in my opinion, is the beauty of making it yourself as opposed to buying it in a store. This recipe, with ginger, cloves, and turmeric, will deliver far more strongly on the flavor front. I am one of those people who only need to be on the same train as someone with a cold to catch it, and this looks perfect for nipping any signs of illness in the bud.

6. Floral Herbal Tea

I cannot get over how beautiful this Floral Herbal Tea is. It almost looks too beautiful to consume, and I am sure that this would make the prettiest gift for any tea lovers you know.

The little flower buds in all different colors make this a well-suited choice for a fancy afternoon tea, which I have hosted before and must admit that it was incredibly fun. The teabags they have used in this example, made of a simple cheesecloth and twine, are a sweet touch though you could easily use this as a loose leaf tea if you would prefer.

7. Apple Fig Herbal Tea

I have tried and enjoyed different apple flavored teas from the store, but never one paired with fig. The fact that the figs are dried will mean that they are deliciously sweet which I like as I prefer my teas to be so.

This Apple Fig Herbal Tea would be lovely to drink at any time of the day, and would also be a great all-year-round recipe. The optional cinnamon could give it more of a wintry feel while the freshness of the apple works perfectly for spring and summer. If I were feeling a little down in the dumps, I know this would cheer me right up.

8. Herbal Tea for Allergies

I am not the most clued up person when it comes to all the fancy ingredients in herbal teas, so I was profoundly glad to see that this recipe comes along with a description of exactly what each ingredient within it does, and how it is beneficial to you.

This Herbal Tea for Allergies is specifically designed to deal with those pesky allergies which seem to creep up whenever we least expect it. It includes rooibos, which I can now tell you blocks the chemical your bodies produce in response to allergies, and ginger, which I now know acts as a natural antihistamine.

9. Licorice Tea

herbal tea recipes - licorice tea

Licorice tea is good for soothing sore throats and reducing the amount of phlegm, not the most pleasant of topics I know, that we produce as a result of that.

I didn’t previously know that licorice root is often used in medicines, I always just associated licorice with the black candy my granny loves. There is in fact very little association between the two, while licorice root is naturally sweet.

10. Honey, Lemon and Ginger Tea

This is my all-time favorite tea remedy and probably will be for eternity. I have tried Honey, Lemon and Ginger Tea that you can buy from the store but it is never the same as adding real fresh ginger, a lemon wedge and a dollop of honey to a cup of boiling water.

There are a few suggestions of variations you could try out in this recipe which I love the looks of, especially the idea of using a cinnamon stick to stir the drink. The only way this can be made any better is if someone else makes it for you when you’re feeling poorly, so make sure to treat your loved ones to this tea when they’re suffering.

11. Weight-Loss Green Tea

This website provides multiple different articles to help you make green tea work its magic and aid with weight loss. There are tons of information instructing you how to adapt your regular tea into a Weight-Loss Green Tea.

There are suggestions of things that you can add to your tea to help with weight loss like cinnamon, or reaching for natural honey instead of sugar. Milk or cream are things to avoid adding to your tea as they are unlikely to help you on your weight loss journey.

12. Cinnamon Sleep Tonic

Here’s another recipe that I will be passing on to my dad to see if it can work wonders and get rid of that dreaded insomnia.

Whether or not you suffer from sleepless nights, this Cinnamon Sleep Tonic would add an extra calming step into your nighttime routine, helping you to switch off from the day and settle down. Although I manage to sleep eventually, I struggle with that restless half hour as soon as my head hits the pillow, unable to disconnect my head from work and the to-do list I have for the following day. I am hoping this tea will be my savior.

13. Green Tea

This recipe includes not one but three simple brewing methods for Green Tea.

Green tea isn’t something I have ever gotten into before, not because I haven’t wanted to, simply because I haven’t gotten around to it. Based on the list of health benefits listed in this recipe, however, I will have to rectify that, as it claims to help with multiple diseases and disorders. Whether you’d rather use the leaves themselves or green tea teabags, this will instruct you as to how to obtain the best health benefits.

14. Goji Detox Tea

This Goji Detox Tea looks different to any tea I have ever tried before which is what instantly drew me to it. The ingredients have been chosen to make you feel like you’ve had a proper cleanse, so this would be perfect for the Monday morning after a weekend of overindulging.

Each ingredient, of which there aren’t too many, comes along with a list of supposed health benefits which makes me intrigued to try out this recipe. Turmeric, for example, is a natural liver detoxifier, and ginger has shown to help calm both motion sickness and morning sickness.

15. Mint Tea

My mom loves Mint Tea, and I must admit it always smells delicious and fresh whenever she is brewing up a pot.

The only ingredients in this tea recipe are water and fresh mint, so not only is it simple to make but also free from any added ingredients that might buffer the health benefits of the tea. Speaking of health benefits, mint tea is thought to aid digestion and relieve stress. If you grow mint in your garden, it would be difficult to find a more cost-efficient brew.

16. Cranberry Spice Tea

Not that it matters when it comes to the flavor of the tea, but I can’t help but love the bright pink color of this Cranberry Spice Tea. I know I would feel snazzy drinking it, and the color would interest others to do so also.

I am a fan of cranberry juice, and I sometimes warm it up in the winter, so I can’t see myself not liking this tea. The scent of the cranberries bubbling away with the lemon and cinnamon would be divine to have wafting through the house. Cranberries are known for their detoxifying properties, and goji berries are immune boosting, so this will be a treat to both your taste buds and your tummy.

17. Spiced Hibiscus Tea

I have tried a couple of drinks which included hibiscus in the past, but never a tea I don’t think. This Spiced Hibiscus Tea looks like mulled wine to me, and come to think of it there are many parallels between the recipes for the two, like the cloves, cinnamon and orange slices.

This tea would be perfect to drink on a cooler night, and I also feel like it would be a good one to serve up to friends. Hibiscus is high in vitamin C and is thought to affect the lowering of blood pressure. You can add as much or as little honey to the pot as you prefer, so the sweetness would be just as you like it.

18. ‘Love Yourself Beautiful’ Herbal Tea

This ‘Love Yourself Beautiful’ Herbal Tea recipe is all about taking some time out of your busy schedule to spend time making a tea for yourself, one that you will enjoy both making and drinking. The dried rose petals make this recipe even more special, as they float through the tea and make it look pretty.

The primary flavors aside from the rose in this tea are licorice root, fennel, and cardamom, so it is bound to be deliciously herbal and soothing. The ingredients are crushed and left to infuse for ten minutes, meaning that the end result will be incredibly flavourful.

19. Detox Turmeric Green Tea

We have already seen that green tea has multiple health benefits such as being packed full of antioxidants and help to encourage weight loss, but what happens when you add turmeric to the mix?

Turmeric is thought to work as an anti-inflammatory as well as helping to protect the heart and maybe even boost your brain. By adding cinnamon and star anise to this Detox Turmeric Green Tea, you can transform it from a regular green tea into something spiced and tasty. To truly see the benefits of this tea it is suggested that you drink it twice a day.

20. Herbal Tea Blends

Not only does combining multiple ingredients in your tea mean that you will have access to numerous health benefits in one cup, but it also gives you more complex and exciting flavors.

This recipe consists of a base tea, and then five different suggestions of Herbal Tea Blends to change it up a little. All the ingredients required for these teas can be bought inexpensively, many can even be grown in your garden. I love the sound of the peppermint, lemon and ginger tea blend, and can tell that it would transform my mood in the morning from tired and groggy to awake and ready for the day.


I for one can’t wait to try out all these new herbal tea recipes, and more so to see which ones deliver the health benefits they claim. Because they are so simple to make it will be easy to try out multiple different recipes, you could even try combining two, to find your favorites.

I love the look of the Cranberry Spice Tea so will be giving that one a go, and I am intrigued to see if either the Banana Tea or the Cinnamon Sleep Tonic help with my dad’s insomnia, or at least help him to relax a little at night.