Kick back and relax this summer with these refreshing iced teas. 30 delicious iced tea recipes you can make at home from cold brew tea to bubble tea.


Ice Tea Recipes for the Summer

Ice cold, thirst quenching, and much healthier than soda, iced tea is the perfect summer drink. If you’re looking for ideas beyond just a boring tea bag in water, I’ve got 30 iced tea recipes just for you.

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Iced Tea Essentials

What I use to make my iced tea at home again and again.

  • Glass teapot with strainer
    My go-to teapot to make tea quick and without a mess.
  • 2 quart pitcher made for making ice chilled tea
    BPA-free plastic pitcher with infuser.
  • Cold brew iced tea maker
    A glass pitcher with infuser to make cold brew tea a breeze.
  • Electric kettle
    A must for all tea drinkers to set the water temperature just right. Great for not turning on the stove on hot days.
  • Cocktail Shaker or water bottle
  • Silicone ice cube trays
    They’re annoying to get the ice cubes out of the tray but they are the perfect size for drinks.

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30 Iced Tea Recipes

How to make iced tea

1. Cold Brew Iced Tea

The iced tea recipe that was a complete game changer for me. Cold brew tea is the secret to THE BEST iced tea. I make it every day every summer. Get the recipe.

2. Matcha Bubble Tea

Yup, you can make bubble tea at home! Make this matcha green tea version layered with tapioca balls, oat milk, and matcha. Get the recipe.

3. Iced Earl Grey with Cream Froth

An iced Earl Grey made rich and decadent with a cream froth that’s salty and sweet. Get the recipe.

4. Arnold Palmer Drink

Half cold brew iced tea, half lemonade, an Arnold Palmer is a sweet and tart summer drink. Get the recipe.

iced chai latte recipe

5. Iced Chai Latte

The best chai latte is the one you make at home from scratch. Get the recipe.

6. Thai Iced Tea

Did you know Thai iced tea is really easy to make at home? It is! I tested my recipe over and over again so it tastes just like the ones you order at Thai restaurants. Get the recipe.

Iced matcha tea latte

7. Iced Matcha Latte

An iced matcha latte that tastes better than the one at Starbucks. I made mine layered and I’ll show you how. Get the recipe.

fruit cold brew

8. Iced Herbal Tea with Fresh Fruit

An iced cold brewed herbal tea with fresh raspberries, kiwi, lime slices, and thyme. Get the recipe.

9. Bubble Tea

A classic bubble tea made with a lovely cream froth on top. Get the recipe.

10. Iced Milk Tea

What’s milk tea? It’s tea with milk. There are a ton of ways to have milk tea and I’ve made mine with sweetened condensed milk and half & half–it’s just perfectly delicious. Get the recipe.

11. Instant Pot Iced Tea

Have an Instant Pot? You can make iced tea in it! Get step-by-step directions. Get the recipe.

Iced matcha

12. Iced Cold Brewed Matcha

I show you my method to making ice cold matcha in seconds. Get the recipe.

13. Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon juice and black tea makes for a sweet, brisk lemon iced tea. Get the recipe.

14. Iced Peach Green Tea

Naturally-sweetened iced tea made with green tea and fresh peaches. Get the recipe.

Iced matcha watermelon tea

15. Iced Watermelon Matcha

Sweetened with watermelons, this layered drink doesn’t need any sugar. Get the recipe.

16. Peach Sweet Tea

Fresh brewed tea with simple syrup and pureed peaches. Get the recipe.

17. Iced Green Tea

A mint tea recipe that I got from the Tea Sommelier at the Baccarat Hotel in New York. Get the recipe.

fruit iced tea

18. Iced Cold Brew Oolong Tea

A cold brew with fresh peaches, lime, and rosemary. Get the recipe.

19. Southern Sweet Tea

If you like your tea extra sweet, this sweet tea is for you. Get the recipe.

fruit cold brew

20. Iced Green Tea with Raspberries

Cold brewed green tea with fresh raspberries, lemon, and mint. Get the recipe.

Matcha lemonade

21. Matcha Lemonade

A twist on an Arnold Palmer drink that uses matcha instead of black tea. Get the recipe.

22. Vanilla Bean Jasmine Arnold Palmer

Another unique spin on the classic Arnold Palmer made with vanilla bean-infused jasmine tea, lychee juice, and lemonade. Get the recipe.

Matcha lemonade butterfly pea tea

23. Butterfly Pea Flower Matcha Lemonade

A color-changing drink that goes from a deep blue to violet. Get the recipe.

24. Mint Iced Tea

Punch up your basic iced tea game with fresh mint and English Breakfast tea. Get the recipe.

cold brew fruit tea

25. Iced Black Tea with Fresh Fruit

Cold brewed black tea with fresh strawberries, lemon, and basil. Get the recipe.

26. Iced Matcha Rose Latte

A matcha green tea drink made with a rose and hibiscus concentrate. Get the recipe.

27. Strawberry Kiwi Green Iced Tea

Homemade strawberry kiwi syrup and green tea elevates this drink from a basic iced tea. Get the recipe.

28. Quick and Easy Iced Tea

Iced tea made in less than 10 minutes from start to finish. See my ice chill method. Get the recipe.

29. Spearmint Iced Tea

Fresh spearmint iced tea made two ways. Get the recipe.

30. Earl Grey Lemonade

A tart, tangy drink made with Earl Grey tea and fresh lemonade. Get the recipe.