Learn how to make 3 of our favorite tea recipes for the upcoming fall season!

September, to me, is a big cup of tea. Welcoming crisp air mornings with a mug gripped between my fingers.

There’s something to be said for all the flavors pulled through the perfect cup, and how seasonal each sip feels. September means autumn is soon arriving so, to prepare my pantry, I headed over to Gryphon’s Tea in Pittsburgh to chat with the owner, learn some steeping tips and stock up on some of their best-tasting teas to get me through the next few months.



With Gryphon’s help, I concocted 3 delicious blends of teas. Each one is completely different, yet they all share a taste of autumn. To learn how to make tea, check out Julia’s post here.



Roasted Chai Mate:


Sweet Cinnamon


Star Anise




Roasted Mate

Steep 4-5 minutes.

This blend screams September air. The spicy ginger and sweet cinnamon pair together perfectly, making this my go-to blend. I love for my Chai to possess a little creaminess, so I added organic honey and a dash of almond milk to fancy it up a bit.


Vanilla Rooibos:


Fresh Vanilla Bean

Rooibos Blend

Anise (Optional)

Steep 4-5 minutes.

This. Smells. So. Good. I’m a huge vanilla fan, and love how rustic the aroma and taste is for the season. This blend is easy for quick mornings on the run. Slice a vanilla bean in half, scrape out the insides and mix with a rooibos tea. Steep, pour and drop in a clove of Anise to enhance the flavor.




White Rose:


Yao Bao



White Peony

Rose Petal



Steep 2-3 minutes.

Drink this one to relax, and don’t let the fall floral throw you off. This blend contains less caffeine, making it the perfect pairing with a light night-reading book in hand. The mixture feels earthy yet light, allowing the mind to rest.

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Tea Tips!

  • Just before the boil is about to begin, take the pot off the stove. This keeps oxygen from being scorched from the water, so the tea doesn’t taste bitter.
  • Buy teas and ingredients from reliable sources. Source teas from your local co-ops, farms and teashops to make sure you are sipping a safe product.
  • Be gentle with tea – it has so many wonderful flavors to give.
  • I prefer using a strainer over a tea bag, allowing the tea to have room to breathe and move.
  • Do not oversteep.
  • There are 3,000 different varieties of teas in existence. Have fun with it, and mix to taste.

Enjoy! Let me know what teas you’ll be mixing up for autumn in the comments!
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